· Are you finding it increasingly difficult to communicate or connect with your teen? 


· Is your teen failing in school (or refusing to go), and despite all your efforts to help, things are not getting any better?


· Do you have concerns that your teen is not motivated, has low self-esteem, and/or is pessimistic about his/her future? 


· Is your teen acting out, becoming defiant, or exhibiting increased anger, and you aren’t quite sure how to support him/her?


· Is your teen drinking alcohol, using drugs, and hanging with the wrong crowd?


· Is your teen sexually active and you are not sure how to address your fears and concerns with him/her?


· Are you noticing signs of stress, depression or hopelessness with your teen, and if so, are you afraid that your teen could be at risk for suicide?

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Laura Melgosa, M.S., MFT   MFC 34899

The Next Step ~ what you can do to help



Parents ~ does your teen need help?

You have ALREADY begun the next step - looking for a therapist for your teenager! Your journey of getting help and encouraging healthy change for your teen may have begun days, weeks, or even months ago, and by this point you may feel exhausted, discouraged, and pretty helpless with little hope that your situation can improve. 


In my experience as a psychotherapist that specializes in working with teens, I have found that therapy can effectively address many of the issues facing teenagers today.


Please call me today to discuss how I can help your family work through the challenges you are currently experiencing and struggling with.